About The Cody Blog

The purpose of The Cody Blog is to erase the impact of tier lists and expose to the SF community the potential that EVERY character in SSF4 and beyond has. 

The main objective being Cody.

Another purpose of The Cody Blog is to give my knowledge, experience and yours to other Cody players to make them better players. I also want to unmask or discover the beastly Cody players (myself included) who either don't go to tournaments, doesn't upload videos or are being overshadowed by the more 'famous' Cody players. 

With this blog I hope I can create a community exclusively of Cody players where we can improve, share knowledge, experience, mistakes, Gatlike moments! and more.

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  1. Thanks mang, cody army shattering tiers ;)

  2. simpleclean11014 June 2012 at 05:00

    Cool intentions