Cody Matchups

While thinking about matchups in SSFIV, and how they finalise their decision on matchup difficulty, I came to a three point conclusion that acts as a guideline for all characters. Those three points are:

- Punishes 
- The strategy

I will write up each of Cody's matchups, with experince against high level play against that character, using these three points as a guideline to cover all areas of gameplay and finalise with the general strategy.

Note: Type the name of the character you want to read about using 'Crtl + F' to navigate quicker.


  1. Zangief

    Matchup difficulty:6/10

    Option selects

    Punishes:A perfectly spaced HK beats Lariat
    So does Zonk and Ex-Zonk

    The general strategy:The best way to go about this match-up is keep away with bad stones and safe ruffians, trying out links on Gief is the easiest way to eat grabs. Getting grounded against is one of the worst things to happen in this MU so avoid it at all cost

  2. Can't wait for this page. I mean complete.
    Thanks for what you do for all Cody players.
    I'm Everlis, a french (so forgive my english xD) Cody who having a really hard time to bring him in a top level, i think we already fight online.

  3. Don't tell me you've stop updating your blog!?!

  4. Not at all anon, I've just been gathering information and also getting addicted to online games xD. Sorry! I'll post some more stuff soon.

  5. Would definitely appreciate some Dhalsim matchup info. I got a pretty good Dhalsim player in my group and he just bodies me most of the time. So far my biggest struggle has been getting in. Lately I've been trying to take it slow and walk up/block and utilize FA. The best thing to happen is if tries to teleport behind me cause I'm always waiting for it. How do you deal with his HP from range aside from FA?