Thursday, 3 February 2011

Cody VS Adon Matchup

Matchup difficulty: 4/10

The general strategy

The main objective in this matchup is to keep Adon away. Cody can zone Adon exceptionally well with Bad stone, s.HK and zonk (very important in this matchup). 

The Ultra of choice for Cody in this match is Ultra 1. Adon will use Jaguar kick in a blockstring and Cody can use Ultra 1 on reaction. Also, the many ways to counter Jaguar kicks lead to hit confirms into Ultra. 

Note: During a midscreen combo you must execute Ultra 1 really quickly after HK Ruffian for it to hit Adon due to his hitbox.

Cody has better pokes than Adon from long range, particularly c.MP. Adon's best long range poke is s.HK however, Cody can whiff punish it using c.MP -> OS -> MK/EX Ruffian and get an untechable knockdown or knockdown across the screen, both leaving Cody in an advantageous position.

Additionally, Cody can use s.HK, s.MK and s.LK to prevent Adon from walking forward at mid/close range and keep him out of his effective poking range. 

Cody should have a Zonk charged at all times during footsies because it's very easy to react to a Jaguar kick or Jaguar tooth at mid range. You must release the Zonk just before the move hits Cody to counter Adons attempts to get in. It's also useful to use Zonk to counter Adon's s.HK, which he'll use at close and mid range to poke Cody. 

If you're crouching and Adon is pressuring you with normals, unless he confirms a hit, the combo will end in Jaguar kick or tick throw/counter hit setups. Cody has a few ways to deal with Jaguar kicks, each way leaves Cody in an advantageous position and relieves him of Adon's pressure.

If Adon uses Jaguar kicks to sustain pressure, Cody can HK Ruffian all Jaguar kicks on reaction, any strength Zonk (usually trades with HK Jaguar kick) or c.MK under LK, MK and EX Jaguar kicks, allowing you to punish. 

Note: Make sure to mixup your options to deal with Jaguar kicks so the Adon player doesn't know what to expect.

When zoning Adon with Bad Stone it's essential to know what strength to use at what range. At long range you should use the EX, HP and MP versions, at mid range you should be using LP and fake versions and at close range you shouldn't be using it at all (that includes fake Bad Stone).

When Adon gets one bar of meter he is potentially dangerous from any range. This is where fake Bad Stone is really important. From max range, Adon can react to the startup animation of Bad Stone with EX Jaguar Tooth that will send Cody to to the corner. From mid range he can react with EX Jaguar kick for an untechable knockdown.

You can avoid the potential threat of those specials if you vary the use of Bad Stone with LP and fake versions, regardless of the range. This allows you to counter any attempt Adon uses to close the gap. Additionally, if you charge a Zonk during long/mid range zoning, you can release it on reaction to beat everything Adon can do from those ranges.

When Adon gets you in the corner he can pressure with Jaguar kicks and frame traps. Adon will mostly use HK Jaguar kick in the corner to keep you there, you can respond with EX Zonk and HK Ruffian when you see an opening.

When Adon has Cody in the corner, it's best to play very defensive using long range pokes and walking forward to slowly advance out of the corner. Most Adon players will use HK Jaguar Kick to keep Cody trapped, you can react with a Zonk or HK Ruffian where, if it trades, it's in your favour because you're out of the corner. 

Another way out of the corner is to wait for an opening such as; a jump in, MK or EX Jaguar Kick, Jaguar Tooth etc and use that opportunity to forward dash or c.MK out of the corner.

Countering Adons best move to get in (Jaguar kick) extremely limits his offensive options and forces Adon to use more frame traps, tick throw setups, dashing, walking and pokes to pressure Cody.

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