Friday, 21 January 2011

Cody Option Selects

I will upload all my option select videos in this post. When I find new ones I will upload them here via editing. You can use the video archive to find this post when it gets updated. I will also notify you when I update it so you guys know.

Anti-Backdash Option Select 
Anti-Teleport Option Select
-  C.Viper Option Select
-  Fei Long Option Select
Universal Option Select
Improved C.Viper Option Select
Improved Fei Long Option Select
M.Bison Option Select


  1. Very underrated guide. You definitely deserve more appreciation for this blog.

  2. Nice stuff Packz, you need to get more people following you man

  3. Great guide. As a Cody mainer from Puerto Rico I don't get to play with other cody players that often... I learned from this blog on shoryuken and hope it grows to create a strong community of cody players

  4. Blode! I'm jumping on the Cody wagon full time for a bit... See how it works for me. Blog looks good. Keep this shizzle updated where you can G!

  5. this aint no bandwagon... if it its it surely is a lonely one :P