Sunday, 2 January 2011

2011 - The info starts now!

Happy new year to everyone, it's finally over.... my hangover I mean, so I can start posting the refurbished Cody guides, some of the latest Cody footage, Cody matchups (hope the UK gets AE as soon as so I can start on the Yun/Yang matchup) and some general SSF4 tips that will help make you a better player.

First things first, this is my youtube channel ALL Cody players subscribe to that channel as I will be regularly uploading Cody specific videos as well as other characters. I will also be taking suggestions on any Cody ideas you might have.

If you want any questions answered, have an idea for my blog (improvements etc.) or you're just curious (doesn't have to be about SSF4 ) then check the 'About' section to find my email where I'll respond either to your email or on the blog.

I'll start writing up the matchup information starting with the most common character..... Ryu. I'll then work my way through all the matchups I've experienced in tournaments and casuals against the top players in the UK. If you have any suggestions or info on Cody's matchups feel free to send them in, I'll give credit to the writer and also test it to make sure all info is 100% true.

That's it for now, keep checking back a ton of info will soon be uploaded.

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  1. Welcome to the community, I am also an avid cody player, and i'm glad to know that there are others out there that aspire to do great things with this character. Keep up the good work, and again welcome!