Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cody - advanced guide (Part 1)

Safe jump setups

A safe jump is a specifically timed jumping attack, used after an untechable knockdown, that prevents the character from getting hit due to them recovering from their jump attack before the opponent fully wakes up. This is integral to high level play as it allows Cody to option select, bait moves and bait the opponent into wasting meter.

An extremely important part of Cody's gameplay is his ability to set up safe jumps relatively easily from many situations. The easiest and probably most common setup used is holding up back immediately after a backthrow. Jumping medium kick is usually the best move to use however, other moves can be used instead of it. This is useful against characters with 5 frame or higher reversals. 

Another safe jump that is useful against characters with 4 frame or higher reversals is after a Lk Ruffian Kick. Performing a late (as late as possible) jumping heavy punch after the untechable knockdown will safe jump the opponent. Unfortunately, there's no specific setup for the timing so you must learn it in training mode. It's best to hit confirm into the Lk Ruffian Kick for maximum effect.

A good way to bait 3 frame reversals is ending a combo in any Criminal Upper and immediately holding up forward. If the opponent does a wake up Dragon Punch Cody will block it. This is extremely useful for getting Shoto characters to waste meter and is the method I use for that purpose. 

Note:  This is not the same as the other safe jump set ups. This one just prevents Cody from reversals. Cody can't option select from this safe jump.

The knife

Cody's knife is an extremely invaluable tool that adds variety to his playstyle. It's main use is to extend his poke range and chip the opponent however, the many mindgames involved with it can give you an edge during battle.


  • Extends the range of his normal pokes
  • Can hit confirm into big damage combos including Final Destruction and Last Dread Dust
  • Inflicts chip damage 

  • Easily lost during battle
  • Cody loses his unique punch normals 
Retrieving the knife

There are several opportunities during a match where Cody can retrieve the knife without opening himself up for attack, combined with Knife Pickup Cancel, Cody can retrieve it relatively easily.  

The Knife Pickup Cancel is a technique where Cody cancels the pick up animation of the move into a normal or special move, this doesn't include ultras. This allows Cody to retrieve the knife at times where it would normally be risky.

Losing the knife

There are several ways Cody can lose the knife:

  • Being hit by the opponent
  • Throwing or being thrown by the opponent
  • Teching a throw
  • Executing a focus attack
  • Performing a super
  • Performing an ultra
  • Taunting
If you lose the knife it will remain on the floor until you pick it up again.  

Knife Moves


LP: A quick stab and solid standing poke. It can cancel into itself for decent damage. A solid combo starter that links into c.LK.

MP: A mid-range poke that will stuff mid/low pokes from about sweep range.

HP: A horizontal slash with great range and damage. Good for punishing pokes that reach horizontally.


c.LP: Cody's 3 frame normal with the knife and best combo starter while using it. This move is self-cancelable and is one of Cody's true blockstrings. You can mash 4 of these in a row and deal decent damage at relatively low risk.

c.MP: Cody takes swipe from low to high. A decent poke that beats low/mid moves from about sweep range. It's better to use from mid range.

c.HP: Cody's anti-air move with the knife. When used with correct timing, this move will stuff most jump ins. Cody can link this into EX Criminal, c.HK, c.LK and Last Dread Dust for a nice damaging combo.


j.LP: A horizontal stab that works as a quick air-to-air move.

j.MP: A high swipe that is mainly used as his go to air-to-air move. Works particularly well against characters with high, floaty jumps.

j.HP: His go-to jump in move. Looks similar to Ryu's jump in hp, but with a knife. Deals high damage and puts your opponent into decent hit/block stun so you can continue your combo/block string.

Knife Mindgames

Nobody would approach a person with a knife, it's just dangerous and who wants to get stabbed? This is usually the mindset of your opponent when you pick up the knife. Some get really defensive, others try rushdown tactics to make you drop it. Taking advantage of the threat of the knife and how your opponent reacts to it can give you a huge advantage. 

If you make it clear that you're dangerous with the knife, then your opponent will try and prevent you getting it. This adds a completely new element to your gameplay and can be used to take the opponents mind off other things during battle. Hovering around the knife can cause your opponent to act irrationally and open themselves up for big damage. Setting up throws using the knife is also a useful tactic, as your opponent wouldn't expect you to drop the knife just for a throw (this can be used to set up a safe jump on characters with bad reversals).

Utilize this and punish appropriately.

Option Selects

Since this is the advanced Cody guide I'm assuming you know what an option select is and the properties of it, for those who don't know I'll explain it briefly.

An option select is inputting a command while executing another that, depending on the opponents interaction, registers one of the moves. It's like a win-win situation, however it can be countered. This is vital for high level play.

An option select can be used after a safe jump or using a meaty attack during the opponents wakeup. Cody can easily set up untechable knockdowns and safe jumps making option selects very useful and easy to execute.

Safe Jump Option Selects

After a backthrow immediately hold up forward and use a deep j.MK, j.HK or j.HP and input a medium or light Ruffian at the same time the normal would connect with the opponent. If the opponent blocks you can carry on a blockstring however, if they backdash your Ruffian Kick will come out and you'll punish the backdash.

This same method can be used after a light Ruffian Kick except you use nj.HP as late as possible while inputting the motion.
The fastest backdash in the game is 19 frames. This means that Cody can option select medium or light Ruffian Kick and punish every characters backdash. You could use light Ruffian Kick to get an untechable knockdown, positioning your opponent for another option select or, you could use medium Ruffian Kick if you want to send your opponent to the corner. Each option puts you at an advantage making them vital to Cody's gameplay.

You can also option select EX Zonk Knuckle for reversals that have invincibility frames. This option select either stuffs the opponents reversal or goes through it, usually allowing for a punish.

Last Dread Dust is also a useful option select to use in certain matchups.

Ground Option Selects

Cody has many ways to score an untechable knockdown. This can setup various option selects using s.LK. This is mainly used against characters that don't have decent reversals and rely on backdashing on wakeup. Using c.LP -> c.LP + c.HK to option select sweep is very useful against backdash happy characters. Using this will set the opponent up for another option select

Characters that can not be option select swept are:
  • Chun Li
  • Hakan (when oiled)
  • Makoto 
  • Rose
  • Vega

For a clear perspective on how to option select, watch:


  1. After a backthrow, I prefer to use a bingo option select. IMO this is the easiest OS available against backdashing. Simply hold HP as you jump and use HK or MK as the attack. After the kick connects, let go of HP and press again. If the HK connects you get a cl.HP. If the HK is blocked you get a block string possible counter hit, and if they opponent back dashes they get hit by a bingo. You can do this with zonk by holding another punch with the HP, or use MP if you want to start a different combo or blockstring.