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Cody - beginners guide


Cody is an all-round character with average stamina and above average stun. He has a relatively slow walk speed, moderately quick forward dash, deals heavy stun off moderately easy combos and has a decent focus attack. 

Cody's gameplay is based around his amazing normals. He has a strong rushdown game, with his superior frame traps, counter hit combos, excellent footsies and high priority normals and an equally strong zoning game. 

This can change mid-game if Cody picks up the knife, making him a poking machine, with one of the fastest pokes in the game (c.LP 3 frame startup) and the ability to chip the opponent while they're blocking however, Cody loses all his punch normals while using the knife and his most useful anti air (b.MP) and instead uses c.HP to anti air whilst using the knife.

Both Ultra 1 (Final Destruction) and Ultra 2 (Last Dread Dust) are equally useful, with each one having different uses. 

Final Destruction is easy to combo into via hit confirming, a useful anti air when executed early and can combo off Cody's only useful reversal (when you have 3 bars) EX Zonk Knuckle.

Last Dread Dust can be linked from certain normals and counter hit combos, connecting this is a lot more difficult than connecting Final Destruction, used to prevent projectile characters using projectiles and used as chip damage.

Last Dread Dust also does more damage than Final Destruction. The Ultra you choose is usually dependent on matchups but your depending on your playstyle you may choose a whichever one.

Cody's main weakness is his wake-up game, he lacks a decent reversal move. This means he can find it difficult against characters that thrive of knockdowns, such as; Akuma. Managing your super meter is an important skill to acquire if you want to improve with Cody as this can help escape critical situations (3 bars makes EX Zonk Knuckle a safe reversal).

Additionally, using his only true wake-up move, Bad Spray, can surprise the opponent and relieve Cody of pressure on knockdowns. This move should not be abused, it's -20 on block and it can be baited or focused. Use it wisely.

  • Above average stun 
  • Great anti-airs
  • Great ultras
  • Great rushdown 
  • High stun combos 
  • Slow walk speed
  • Horrible defensive options
Normal Moves


LP (Far and Close): A quick poke and good combo starter. Can be used as a last second anti-air against badly timed jump ins.

MP (Far): A relatively quick poke useful during footsies to counter poke slow moves. This can be linked to s.LP on larger characters from a certain distance (1 frame link).

MP (Close): One of Cody's most important normals. Has high frame advantage on block and hit. Can link into c.HP, c.HK and Ultra 2 for big damage and is a great counter hit combo starter (more on this in the advanced guide).

HP (Far): A good anti-air against badly spaced jump ins.

HP (Close): Cody's punish combo starter, lots of frame advantage on hit and easy to hit confirm from. Also has the force stand effect allowing you to combo into HK Ruffian Kick for big damage. This is also one of Cody's main counter hit combo starters (more on this in the advanced guide).

LK (Far): A quick poke that goes over low pokes, good to use during footsies for positioning.

LK (Close): Another one of Cody's most useful moves. This is the normal you'll mostly use to option select your opponent, can also be hit confirmed off of into a basic BnB (more on this in the advanced guide).

MK (Far): One of Cody's best pokes at mid-range. This goes over low pokes and pushes the opponent back while moving Cody forward. Perfect as a corner pressure poke. This can also be linked to s.LP on larger characters from a certain distance (1 frame link). 

MK (Close): An underused normal of Cody's because of more useful options at this range. Can be cancel into any special move. This is also a very situational anti-air and can catch bad cross ups.

HK (Far): One of Cody's most useful zoning normals. It anti-airs opponents from about 1/2 screen away and is a useful  long range poke. This is also the normal of choice to kara throw with Cody (more on this in the advanced guide).

HK (Close):One of Cody's best anti-cross up normals and is extremely useful in certain matchups.


LP: Cody's combo starter. Most combos will begin with this move. Gives you a lot of frame advantage making hit confirming very easy.

MP: A useful poke that can cancel into Cody's specials. It can be in hit-confirm combos to maximize damage (instead of c.LK)

HP: One of Cody's punish combo starters. It has the force stand effect allowing you to cancel into specials such as HK Ruffian Kick. It can also be used to counter poke high hitting moves. This is an important counter hit combo starter (more on this in the advanced guide).

LK: A useful normal that cancels into Cody's specials. It is an important poke during footsies and
 is best used while option selecting MK Ruffian Kick.

MK: A useful move that can be used as an anti air or a move to advance. It's useful at stuffing moves with a lot of startup frames because it has 7 active frames, it also slides under high attacks.

HK: A quick sweep that can be useful for punishing whiffed pokes during footsies. Can also be combo from MP (Close)
 or max range f.MP.

Jumping (Forwards or Backwards)

LP: Looks similar to Ryu's jump in hp. Works decently as an air-to-air move and can catch opponents by surprise if you catch them blocking low on wake up. It's low blockstun makes it useful for tick throws and ccounterhit setups.

MP: A useful jumping move that, when done just above the opponents head, sets up an interesting combo that allows you to connect two MP (Close),some characters can only be swept after the second MP.

HP: An extremely useful move that extends Cody's body horizontally allowing him to go over projectiles. This move has the greatest reach of Cody's jump ins. There are setups, varies from character to character, where this move is guaranteed as a cross up (more on this in the advanced guide).

LK: A useful jump in against opponents who use slides against jump ins (Rose, Dhalsim, Guy, Cody, etc.). The low hit and block stun of this move is useful for tick throws and counter hit setups.

MK: Cody's main cross up normal and also his best air to air move.

HK: A great jump in move with a ton of active frames. It has high priority and very high blockstun. Similar to j.HP there are setups that guarantee this to cross up, varies from character to character. (more on this in the advanced guide).

Jumping (Neutral)

LP: Cody sticks his fist straight out. A great last second air to air move.

MP: A punch that angles downward.
 This is also useful against characters that use low hitting moves against your jumps. (Rose, Cody, Chun Li etc.).

HP: Cody's most damaging normal and highest stun normal. Great combo finsher if the opponent is close to stun. When used as an air to air it knocks the opponent down (techable). It is safe against all reversals except command grabs where you would have to jump or use a throw invincible move.

LK: A high kick to be used as an air-to-air against characters with high, floaty jumps. Hits very high.

MK: A great defensive move making it difficult for airborne opponents to advance. Useful normal to keep opponents out.

HK: This move has the most range for any of Cody's neutral jump moves. Can also be used well against characters with high, floaty jumps.

Unique Normals

Stomach Blow: f.MP

One of Cody's most important normal during footsies. At a certain range this move can link into c.HK 
for an untechable knockdown, c.HP for a big damage combo or Last Dread Dust. It is also the only normal able to combo after a HK Ruffian Kick FADC setting up a reset and mixup opportunity. This is useful for maintaining pressure and setting up counter hit combos.

Crack Kick: f.HK 

Another one of Cody's best normals. This move is great for advancing, useful during footsies (it goes over low pokes and  some low specials) and is superb for setting up throws and counter hits. It is only airborne for a short amount of frames so it can be punished by well timed low pokes. It's also not throw invincible. If used from a certain range you can bait opponents into unsafe reversals.

Jaw Crusher: b.MP 

Cody's best anti air move, almost every jump in will lose to this normal. It can be used to counter mid to high pokes but requires anticipation and reaction.

Hammer Hook: f.HP 

Cody's overhead attack. This is a powerful overhead that does 100 damage. It is best used at max range at the end of a blockstring if the opponent is blocking low. It has slow startup and it's unsafe on block AND hit if used at close range so 
use it sparingly.

Special Moves

Criminal Upper 

LP: The light punch version travels the least distance and does the least damage but has the quickest recovery. Although it's -5 on block it can be made safe, on certain characters, when using it from max range. This is also the version that should be used if you want to cancel into super or FADC to do more damage. 

MP: The medium punch version builds the most meter, on hit, out of the three versions. Use this version if you want to build more meter over damage.

HP: The heavy punch version will end most of your combos. It does the most damage of all the versions but is also the most punishable. This should only be used when ending a combo.

Ruffian Kick

LK: The light kick version has the furthest range out of all the versions. Although this move is -7 on block, from the right distance it can be perfectly safe. This is one of Cody's best moves because it gives you an untechable knockdown and puts you in a good position to safe jump and mixup your opponent. 

Additionally, using LP Bad Stone from maximum distance then immediately following up with LK Ruffian, is a perfectly safe blockstring and useful for gaining ground. Especially against zoning characters.

MK: The medium kick version can does the most damage of all versions. It can be used to whiff punish slow pokes during footsies. An early anti air HK Ruffian can be followed by this move. This is a great combo ender against grappler characters because it sends them to the other side of the screen.

HK: Cody's most useful specials because of the potential damage he gets of a FADC. This is a very useful anti air as well, when executed early it
 can combo into EX Ruffian or MK Ruffian without meter. With meter his options expand vastly and allow him to do some damaging combos, including his ultra 1, Final Destruction.

Zonk Knuckle

This move is useful for getting around projectiles and punishing mid to high pokes during footsies. This move is vulnerable to throws on startup and low pokes. Although bad on block, this move can be safe from the right distance. This move has three levels of strength and 
range, the longer you hold the button, the stronger the Zonk Knuckle. The best way to combo into Zonk is from c.HP or s.HP because all levels of Zonk can combo from them.

Bad Stone

Cody's projectile move, it has a lot of startup frames so should be used from mid to long range. This is useful for building meter as well as keeping opponents away. The recovery of Bad Stone depends on the version used, when the rock hits the ground the move has fully recovered and Cody can execute another special or normal.

Fake Bad Stone

This is useful if the opponent is reacting to Cody's Bad Stone because it fakes a rock and recovers quick enough to punish. It's also useful in a fireball war to bait a fireball and get a free jump in combo or EX Ruffian Kick.

EX Criminal Upper 

Can be used instead of HP Criminal Upper to add some extra damage (only if it's point blank). It is also fully throw invincible therefore, it can be used when you expect a throw and is very useful against grapplers. This can't be abused however because it is -11 frames on block.

EX Ruffian Kick

This version of Ruffian Kick moves the farthest of them all and has projectile
 invincibility during it's active frames. This means you have to anticipate a fireball and react early to punish. It can also be a surprise attack against opponents who are walking forwards.

EX Zonk Knuckle

This is one of Cody's most useful specials. It's his only reliable reversal (when you have 3 bars to use). This move has complete invincibility on the first frame, it's invincible to absolutely everything during it's startup. In the corner this combos into EX Criminal Upper. If you FADC you can combo into a variety of moves including Final Destrucition.

EX Bad Stone 

This is a much better version of it's counterparts. It has faster startup and is +15 on hit giving you plenty of time to hit confirm a variety of damaging combos including Last Dread Dust. This is also an important move during counterhit combos.

Super Moves

Dead End Irony

LK: The beginning animation resembles Cody's LK Ruffian Kick. This version is best for catching standing opponents as the initial hit must be blocked low.

MK: The beginning animation resembles Cody's MK Ruffian Kick. The best version to punish whiffed moves as it is the fastest of the three.

HK: The beginning animation resembles Cody's HK Ruffian Kick. This version is best when used as an anti-air move or in combos following a HK Ruffian Kick. However, be weary of comboing into this in the corner as most hits after the initial juggle will whiff and leave you open for major punishment.

Major Cody Tip

An important skill to have if you want to play Cody at a high level is the ability to hit one frame links consistently. Being able to plink would greatly increase the consistency of hitting one frame links, make sure you learn it. 

Here are some plink videos and guides to help


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